The Grandmother´s Speech

(The grandmother to the little mermaid)

When we,

the folks, the mermaids of the sea

some day decease

within tree hundred centuries,

we´ll be washed away.

We will have no grave on land,

we will be the spray

which lies down white as foam on strand

some calm and sunny summerday.

And we will never become green again,

we will hush,

wither like the cut and golden rush

and then ?

The lifetime of a man

is short as is the lifespan of a fly.

He too must die !

But when he dies,

when he is dead and gone,

a sun will rise

so shining bright

that even night

and shadows of death must flee.

His soul is free !

His light will be

a new sun

rising in eternity !

But does a young man find you dear,

and does he love you,

will he always have you near.

Will he before the altar kneel

with you as bride,

and will his faith be strong as steel,

and will you stand there by his side ?

Will he walk hand ind hand with you,

his vow committed to the rocky ground,

and will his heart be pure end true

while angels golden trompets sound ?

Then his soul will run like water,

into you on birdwings fly.

You will then be mankind´s daughter,

you will live and never die !

Dearest darling - notice what I say.

Come, be happy now, forget your sorrow !

Life is here today,

but it is gone tomorrow !