The First Sister´s Song

What an enchanting night !

I lazed on a sanded island.

The moon looked pale although bright.

Her beams struck - all were silent.

Then she hid behind a cloud,

and there in the darkness a small town peeped out.

Its streetlamps were twinkling and blinking,

like one hundred stars they were sparkling and winking.

The night offered light from the town no resistance,

a halo of light came to me from the distance.

I heard the “clip” and the “clap” of a horseshoe.

I heard the rattling of wheels on the pavement too.

Young men were laughing at an inn,

joyful and loud from the very begin.

Out of a violin tunes were streaming

and carried me there where I come while I´m dreaming...

The church had a huge bell, a giant of weight.

Ding, Dong, Ding, bell - the hour is late...

/: Oh sisters, still I hear the bell !

Well, this is the story, which I can tell :/