The little Mermaids Song

Northerly gale lashed the sea with its mighty whip,

tore off the sail of each schooner, each sailing ship.

Caught by a wave in the dark, deep sea grave

where the sun cannot heat, blood must freeze.

There many a sailor is resting in peace.

On sea horseback riding

in small ranks of seven

I saw them flee

through the star gates of heaven,

the course of immortality.

White foam is floating like pearls upon wavy crest,

soaked is the clothing which clings to your chilly chest.

Your eyes are closed and in sweet dreams reposed,

in the blindness of sleep you can see

a mermaid who´s smiling , you´re smiling at me !!!

Emerging from ashes

and dark dust of sorrow

from bars behind lashes,

a dream of tomorrow

is setting the Phoenix bird free...

The windorgans roar and a chorus of angels sings.

Love is the door to the heaven on angel wings.

A windrose is showing

where warm winds are blowing,

a virgin, a woman, a wife !

For this I will venture my blood and my life !

A vow and a ring and

my soul is anointed !

Through love bonds of mankind

two lovers are jointed...

For you I will leave all behind !