The Seawitch´s Speech to the little Mermaid

Thou little maiden of the sea

Thou who sings every evening, every night

beautifully... beautifully !!!

How is it, how can it be

that sailors forget

the love from beloved ones waiting ahead

because of thee ?

It should be me !

I shall cut out thy tongue with a knife

but I will not take thy life !

Thou shall emerge from the foam of the sea...

Dumb will you be !

And now you can WALK...

Still you can see !

and with your deep blue eyes, you talk !!!

Alas - this is the price of a fishtail for feet

Each step will hurt and your feet will bleed !!!

And thou shall never

ever come back to where thou belong

No-one shall ever hear thy song !

Thou shall leave forever thy home.

Thou shall emerge from the sleeky foam

where sea horses sleep down in the deep

where shoals of sprat swim and where king crabs creep...

If this is thy wish - then drik up this “wine”

this fizzling, bobbeling liquid of mine

Then your sea salty tears and pains

will turn into blood running in veins...